Investigating the inflammatory and immune response by external imaging

Research in the Centre has led to a strategy to integrate work on biomarkers, monitoring, imaging and therapeutics to address the inflammatory and immune pathways of injury. Complement and immune regulation have been the focus of this work.

Work in the Centre has established two new imaging ligands which are able to detect activated C3 and C4 using PET/MR, PET/CT and SPECT/CT imaging. Research led by Professor Reza Razavi and Dr Greg Mullen aims to conduct Phase 1 clinical studies using these imaging tools.

The imaging team is also studying the patterns of T Regulatory cell migration to discover where and when these cells induce tolerance to organ transplants. The same group has also successfully labelled dendritic cells to examine their distribution.

Immune imaging: Professor Reza Razavi, Dr Gregory Mullen
Structural biology: Professor James McDonnell