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MRC Centre for Transplantation 10 year anniversary: 5 & 6 October 2017


Strand Campus
King's College London


The MRC Centre for Transplantation, since it started almost 10 years ago, has launched numerous investigator-led clinical studies out of its basic science programme.  This is in part due to the phenomenal contribution of our researcher training programme. Frontiers in Transplantation 2017 will celebrate the links between basic research and medical advances and the impact and benefit for patients.  Above all, Frontiers in Transplantation will bring alive the concept of translating the experiment for clinical benefit through a multifaceted process combining science, technology and healthcare innovation.

To further celebrate our achievements we will be holding a event, open to friends, family and the public, in the evening of Thursday 5 October.

MRC Festival: 21 June 2017


MRC Centre for Transplantation
5th Floor Guy's Tower
Guy's Hospital
Great Maze Pond
London SE1 9RT


On Wednesday 21 June the MRC Centre for Transplantation will host 6 KS4 students from schools in the King's Widening Participation network.

Students enter a competition to spend a VIP day with us. They must answer
"What is the lifecycle of a clinical trial - from idea to patient treatment?"

Entries could be a poem, letter, rap, song, diagram, collage, artwork, 30 sec video or any other form to communicate the answer.

On Wednesday 21 June, students will spend a VIP day:
- hands on time in our labs using state of the art equipment
- conduct experiments alongside international researchers
- discover career paths in science
- work with transplant patients and an artist to create the MRC Centre for Transplantation's 10 year anniversary centrepiece.

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MRC Centre for Transplantation 10 year anniversary
5 & 6 October 2017

MRC Festival
21 June 2017